About Me and SplainThat!

Hello! My name is Dahlton and I’m from Austin, Texas. That’s right, a place that is so weird that both Liberals, and Conservatives somehow can peacefully coexist, eat tacos and drink craft beer for every meal. Anyway, welcome to splainthat.com!

On this site, I hope to splain (explain – splain… get it?), some things that I am passionate about and enjoy writing about. Specifically, Fitness, Nutrition, My Lifestyle (including travel, fashion, style, etc.), and Methodology to what I do every day.

I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in May of 2018 with a Major in English, and two Minors one in Creative Writing, and the other in Film. I write, and I am currently writing several short stories, novels, as well as poetry and I’ll be sure to do posts on them when I release them in the future.

Every author has their own particular style for the different genres of their work. For example my Fiction – Sci-fi work tends to be futuristic, dream-like, and serious, while my, Non-fiction Posts, and Articles for this site are brutally honest.

However, this site is primarily about something that in the past I took for granted… health. Operating under the idea that I could whatever I wanted to because I was tall, and my metabolism was high, my health began to deteriorate as I got older. I was fortunate enough to not have my weight destroy my life or put me in the hospital, but it certainly could have done that. I don’t take it for granted now, and I hope that all of you can join me and use my content to help yourselves live a healthier life.

You can find a ton of content here, as I find when I am passionate about something I tend to write quite a bit about it. Sorry for that, but I love writing. That’s why I started this blog/site in the first place. I hope you enjoy my content, I’m a big believer of communication. Just know that y’all are my number one priority. In our world of mass censorship, I just want you to know that you can speak your mind here within the framework of good taste (anything I find to be too much I will remove… and I can tolerate a lot).

I hope y’all, – y’all is western slang for you – all (in case you wern’t familiar). By the way I’m not from the rural part of Texas but I like the saying y’all, it has that home-like southern hospitality chivalrous feeling to it. Anyway… I hope y’all find my content interesting, pleasing, perhaps even orgasmic to your eyes. I hope you can take away something from it, and either pass it on or implement it into your own life or even BOTH! I’ll see y’all later. Peace! -D/SplainThat