Hell Week at Orangetheory Fitness Starts Today!

That’s right, as you may have guessed from the title of this post, OTF (Orangetheory Fitness) Hell Week started today October 24th and will last until October the 31st (dates for Hell Week may vary depending on your studio/location).

For those of you who haven’t heard about it… you must not be OTF members, because they hyped Hell Week up way more than they did the Transformation Challenge which is happening at the same time as Hell Week. Every session maybe 3 or 4 times they brought up Hell Week.

Anyway, for you non-members out there, OTF is essentially a full body workout, with 28 minutes of cardio treadmill and rower, and 28 minutes of weights with some time left over for stretching (a must do after every workout) before you leave. Hell Week is usually a time period between 7 or 8 days and the workouts are more intense, and faster paced than a normal OTF workout.

If you complete 5 or more workouts or more and you paid the entry fee, you get a shirt showing off to the world that you successfully completed Hell Week (last years shirt was pretty damn nice). However, even if you didn’t pay to get a shirt you can still participate in hell week you just won’t get a shirt at the end.

I always seem to get a whole lot of questions about what the workouts are at OTF every day, and when I say it’s a combination of treadmill, rower, and weight floor people re-clarify what they meant. They want to know… what exercises will be done in that particular class. Are we doing chest press, burpees, sit ups, elastic bands, etc. When they re-ask me this way, I just say the same three things over and over and over again. LOL – Every time I answer someone’s question about what the workouts are at OTF I feel like Steve Jobs explaining to people what the first iPhone was…

Gif Credit Giphy

“It’s a Phone… an Internet Browser… and a Music Player… A Phone, an Internet Browser… and a Music Player… It’s a Rower, A Treadmill, and Some Weights. -LOL”

I say this because if I knew what the workouts were or if you knew… you and/or I probably wouldn’t go to the class if it was something you don’t like or have trouble doing. The number one reason why I feel my friends, family, and my fellow splainers (viewers/readers) here on SplainThat are hesitant about joining OTF is because they don’t know what to expect. And YES, you could look on Reddit and find out what we are going to be doing. People take the 5 AM class just to post what it is a few hours later – I just have one question… why? However… you simply cannot think that way. You’ll never accomplish anything if you are too afraid to face it. You need to workout period. !!!! – I know what I said… but sometimes an exclamation point is necessary!


AND IF YOU CAN’T OR HAVE TROUBLE DOING AN EXERCISE… MODIFY! I do it all the time. I have some curved toes, I wasn’t injured it’s just genetics… normal push ups hurt so I don’t do them, instead I’ll get on my knees and do leverage push ups (push ups with narrow arms, inside shoulder push ups). Even something as simple as a tricep exercise… when the benches at OTF are out and at the stations… I can do an overhead tricep press easily – it’s one of my favorite exercises but it’s one of the easiest to do for me, so to challenge myself I’ll do tricep dips on the bench (Dumbbell weights only go up to 70 pounds, but I weight 228 pounds). SO JUST MODIFY! FOR EASE OF USE, OR TO WORK YOURSELF OUT HARDER!

Try it Out!

This is not a sponsored post… but if your thinking about joining OTF (Orangetheory Fitness) your first class is free, and if you don’t see results after 30 days… you get a refund (you’ll become addicted like me though… I’m sure of it)! Currently there are several specials going on that you should take advantage of, one of which, right now at my studio at least, is a free heart rate monitor which is about a $100 dollar value. I’ll see you in the next post, and while I won’t divulge any information about the workouts… I’ll be sure to tell you and show you how they went. A picture is worth more than a thousand words.

Screenshot From my iPhone from Today’s 10:15 Workout at OTF!

Follow me on Social Media for more content and updates! Peace! See you in the next post! -D/SplainThat

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