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Finding My Sites Identity, and Finding My Own Identity.

First and foremost… I’m sorry. I haven’t been posting content every day, and I’m trying to get back to what I planned on doing (posting 1 new bit of content every day). These past few weeks I’ve been juggling a lot, and I think I just spread myself way too thin. I was trying to do too much, the social media, getting photos, fixing my room (making my room a gaming studio), and then I realized that I had made about a dozen posts but for some reason I didn’t post them. I know I’m a perfectionist, not to mention a bit nervous about putting my work out there on the internet, but I know now what I have to do. Work Harder.

No one ever said that this life would be easy, and as glamorous as it may have seemed to me, I am on my own. My survival quite literally depends on this blog being profitable, and the truth is, I’ve been coasting for a few months and I’m sorry, I really am.

All of that is about to change… I think that, I’ve just wanted everything to be perfect on the first try, and it’s set me back quite a bit of time, and money. I just feel overwhelmed at all of the things that I have to do on a daily basis, social media, managing accounts, managing gaming accounts, gaming, making posts, videos, it’s exhausting. What I should have done from the get-go is just put myself out here, and treated it as a learning process rather than everything has to be perfect right off the bat.

Guys, and Gals, my viewers, readers, my Splainers… I’m sorry for not holding up my end of the bargain, I’m sorry that I haven’t been doing my job. I really want this site/blog to succeed, and while my audience/reach is small now, in the coming weeks and months, and years I know I will grow it to epic proportions. Thank you for your continuous support, I plan to get the ball rolling in the coming week, I hope y’all can forgive my laziness, nervousness, and just straight up lack of content at the moment. I know I promised to give y’all content, and now I’m swearing that I will. Thanks again. Peace. -D/SplainThat

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